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ZY-3036 computerized Mooney viscosity tester

Purpose: :

Used to determine the viscosity, scorch and sulphur index of raw or mixed rubber.Microcomputer control, data display, automatic calibration is the ideal test instrument for rubber industry and research institute.


This machine adopts the imported intelligent digital temperature control instrument, it is easy to adjust and set, the temperature control range is wide, the control precision is high, its stability, reproducibility and accuracy are excellent.Using computer control and interface panel to collect, save, process and print the test results, making the function more powerful.It fully shows the characteristics of its high automation.It also has functions of curve comparison and amplification.Using the WINDOWS operating system platform and adopting the graphical software operation interface, the digital processing is more accurate and the user can test and operate easily, quickly, flexibly and conveniently.

Instrument standard

This machine is in conformity with GB/T 1232 determination of unvulcanized rubber Mooney viscosity, GB/T1233 determination of rubber adhesive preliminary vulcanization characteristics Mooney viscometer method and ISO289, ISO667 and other standards.

Instrument specification:

Torque ranges from 0 to 200 Mooney values

Torque shows 0.1 Mooney values

Mooney unit M

The temperature control range at room temperature to 200 ℃

Temperature fluctuation range of plus or minus 0.3 ℃

Temperature recovery time after closing date, time, temperature, Mooney, charred curve, MV, t5, t35, Δ t30 (t3, t18 Δ t15), etc

Rotor speed 2 r/min

Support language English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese.

Calculation parameter viscosity test: Mooney viscosity value;Burning test :t5,dt30,t35(large rotor),t3,dt15,t18(small rotor)

Software interface USB2.0

Shape size 550x570x1130(mm)

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